WhiteWave has pledged to lower the sugar in its Alpro range

WhiteWave has pledged to lower the sugar in its Alpro range

WhiteWave Foods' Alpro business is to make another cut to the level of sugar in its plant-based, dairy alternative products.

The company has said by 2018 it plans to cut the sugar content across its entire range by 12.5%.

"Our Alpro flavoured drinks contain 30% less sugar than most milk drinks with a fruit or chocolate flavour. Between 2008 and 2014, we have reduced the amount of sugar across our entire range with 12%. We aim to reduce this percentage by 2018 with another 12.5%," said Christine Debeuf, nutritionist at Alpro.

Debeuf told just-food the plans to cut sugar content of the product were a "continuous process", which the company had started in 2006 under previous owner Vandemoortele Group. "It is an important target. Our mission is to bring sugar content as low as possible".

When asked how Alpro would monitor how the products taste, Debeuf said the sugar reduction was a "gradual process" for Alpro, and this would allow consumers "to get used to the new taste".

"It is important alongside health that the product tastes good. We don't believe in drastically reducing the sugar content. For the products that are sweetened, we've reduced sugar content over time and so consumers get used to the new taste. Also many consumers combine Alpro with fruit and other products so the taste is not so different," she added.