Amazon will begin selling groceries in the UK

Amazon will begin selling groceries in the UK

Online retail giant Amazon has started selling grocery products in the UK.

The online store will offer ambient and household products from brands like Kraft, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Proctor & Gamble and international brand suppliers Eurofoods, Tazaki and Bespoke.

While offering individual items, the store also offers bulk-buy services for products like nappies, washing powders, pasta, rice, herbs, cooking oils and spices. Delivery for these ambient products uses's standard delivery options.

The retailer is also offering perishables through its third party marketplace.

However, it seems to be unclear whether the e-commerce giant has smoothed out all of the kinks in the system, as it is currently offering single packs of sugar snap peas with a GBP7.50 (US$11.33) delivery price.