American Lorain Group has launched a new product in China in a bid to boost its presence in the domestic breakfast market.

The company which produces snack foods, prepared foods and frozen foods has introduced Lorain Fritters. Lorain chairman, Chen Si, said Fritters is one of the traditional Chinese breakfasts.

According to a survey carried out by Lorain suggests China's breakfast market is worth CNY100bn and has maintained an average growth rate of 14% in recent years.

"I believe Lorain fritters launch will greatly promote the company's overall revenue growth," said Chen Si.

The company will work closely with domestic dealers to bring products to the country's fast food chains, hotels, stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Chen Si said the launch will promote the eating of healthy fried dough sticks as these can be grilled and added it will help the company achieve profitable growth and maximise shareholder value.