The purchase of FleetXchange by AmeriQuest, a leading provider of transportation and logistics services for the fleet management industry, is expected to strengthen the new Internet-based service provided to members by Food Distributors International.

"We are delighted that AmeriQuest has acquired FleetXchange for FDI, as well as the parent FleetXchange service, and look forward to significantly improving offerings to FDI members," said Robert Gatty, vice president for communications and marketing, and director of FDI's e-commerce program, E-BIZ.

The purchase of FleetXchange from Neodesic, Inc., the Evanston, IL firm that created the service, closed on February 8.

FleetXchange for FDI includes three key components:

  • An idea and information exchange for fleet professionals;
  • A volume-based buying service for tires, brakes, lubricants and other parts and supplies.
  • A system for companies to dispose of excess transportation assets.

AmeriQuest has been the provider of the buying service, while Neodesic supplied the content and information exchange capabilities. TradeOut operates a used vehicle on-line disposal service under an agreement with AmeriQuest.

"Now that this purchase has been completed, we are hopeful that the buying service offerings can be further developed and expanded," said Gatty, who noted that FDI member companies have already taken advantage of purchasing opportunities for tires and other parts and supplies.

"We are also pleased that key Neodesic professionals are joining AmeriQuest and will continue to provide the content and information exchange services that have proven to be quite popular among many FDI members," Gatty added. "This will provide continuity and the expertise that will be needed to help this service grow and improve."

AmeriQuest also announced that Transervice Lease Corp./Transervice Logistics Inc. has joined as a full participant in FleetXchange, increasing the number of transport units in the AmeriQuest network to more than 230,000-nearly five percent of the country's surface commercial fleet.

"That can only help to strengthen the buying power and service capabilities of FleetXchange and all of its users, including those who take advantage of FleetXchange for FDI," Gatty said, urging FDI member company fleet executives who have not yet tried the service to do so.

"FleetXchange for FDI brings together the best fleet-related knowledge and expertise and makes it available easily and instantly on the Web to fleet owners, managers and maintenance supervisors," he explained. "It's a great way to solve problems and save money at the same time."

AmeriQuest Transportation and Logistics Resources® is a privately held, national leader in transportation and logistics services for the fleet management industry.

Operating from more than 450 locations and representing the direct purchasing power of about 230,000 trucks and 100 aggregated fleets, AmeriQuest arranges preferred pricing and fulfillment with leading suppliers, delivering substantial savings to the industry.

AmeriQuest is also the exclusive provider of procurement and transportation related services for its strategic partners, such as Amtralease (American Truck Leasing Network, Inc.) and FDI. Representative suppliers include Bandag Tires, Continental General Tire, Citgo and numerous other industry leaders.

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