Food manufacturer Amoy is moving into the frozen category for the first time with the launch of Straight to Wok frozen stir fry and rice meals. 

The company is spending GBP500,000 (US1.01m) on a media campaign to promote six varieties of the rice and stir fry products.

"Amoy is dedicated to looking for new ways to drive value in the oriental frozen ready meal category," said Rebecca Davis, senior brand manager of Amoy.  "As an established and respected brand in the oriental market we have a responsibility to spearhead this growth and the launch demonstrates how we are harnessing consumer trends to make the category more relevant and more exciting for consumers and so growing sales for our retail partners."

The stir fry range includes sweet and sour chicken, beef in black bean and vegetable chow mein. Rice dishes include beef sweet soy and spring onion, aromatic prawn and garlic, and sweet chilli chicken.

Chinese food is continuing to grow in popularity and the number of stir fry occasions have increased by almost 6% each year since 2003. Two out of three homes now own a wok and the total oriental market is worth GBP294m.  Within this, frozen (including frozen ready meals and oriental vegetables) is worth GBP49m," say Amoy.

The new range will retail at GBP1.99 and are currently on sales in multiples across the UK.

Heinz holds the UK licence to the Amoy brand, which is owned by Japan-based food and ingredients giant Ajinomoto.