What may be the first completely new candy to hit the market in 25 years has been introduced by Andalan Confections of Fort Oglethorpe, GA.

Edo ® (pronounced "EE-Dough") is a new form of soft, moldable, shapeable candy with bright, playful colors and six tangy fruit flavors. It looks much like the modeling doughs we all played with as children. But the similarity ends there because Edo, in the words of one 12-year-old boy, "tastes awesome."

"All kinds of products are thrown at kids these days," says Andalan Confections founder and candy inventor Anita Loizeaux. "I wanted to give kids something that would stimulate their imagination as well as their taste buds."

Totally different from taffy, gum or gummies, the new candy can be shaped by hand or with any candy, cookie, or clay modeling tools. All six flavor/colors can be mixed for an infinite variety of artistic options. With a little imagination, the creative applications for Edo seem limitless; but there is no doubt that the best part is eating it. Edo is not sticky so hands stay clean, and unlike many other candies, Edo does not stick to teeth, dental work, or even braces, so it is a candy kids (and parents) can enjoy without worry.

To see a showcase of fun things made with Edo, buy Edo online, or submit your own Edo sculptures for the EdoFun kids-only gallery, visit the world of Edo Fun at www.edofun.com