Demonstrations against the growth of food retail chains in India appear set to continue.

According to a report in the Financial Express, lobby groups are readying themselves for protests in the Southern part of the country. Groups such as Save Retail Agriculture and Livelihood Campaign, as well as the India FDI watch, are looking to protest in Bangalore this month.

The press report said that the focus of these demonstrations would be the German-owned AG Metro store.

"We are focussing on the southern states, Bangalore and Chennai, which are going to be the epicentre of our movement. We are mobilising support from local traders who will face direct competition from the retail chains," said Dharmendra Kumar, director, India FDI watch.

Demonstrations against retail expansion have been gaining ground in India.

Earlier this month, the city of Mumbai saw large protests, when thousands of Indians joined a rally organised by the Federation of Associations of Maharashtra (FAM), which represents around 750 unions and small business associations in India.

Placards carrying the messages "Corporations quit retail" and "United against corporate colonization" were waved during the protests, which took place in the historic Azad Maidan district of southern Mumbai.

Meanwhile, India's Reliance Retail has suffered a setback in its ambition to expand across India with a decision to shelve plans to open stores in the state of West Bengal.

Reliance, which plans to spend US$6bn on expansion over the next four years, has called off plans to open over 100 stores in West Bengal following opposition from local government authorities.