Arkady Craigmillar, leading UK manufacturer of bakery ingredients and frozen speciality bakery products, reached the finals of AIM 2001, in the category for ingredients manufacture, with its innovative range of fluid improvers, Liquidity.   It was the only bakery company to be shortlisted for these prestigious awards, which recognise the very latest developments in ingredients and additives within the food and beverage industries.

A water-free, homogenous, oil based solution, Liquidity offers significant handling, production and end product benefits to the bakery manufacturer. By working closely with leading plant bakers to develop formulations for specific applications, manufacturers are not only given greater flexibility but can also optimise performance of both the production line and end product. Liquidity further provides manufacturers with a cost-effective, high performance alternative to traditional bakery ingredients.

The smooth liquid is integrated cleanly into the mix, so minimising dust and improving the safety of the working environment.  Arkady Craigmillar has worked closely with Bran and Luebbe, leading provider of metering and pumping systems, to design the equipment to accurately dose Liquidity from pallecon to mixer, thereby reducing product wastage.

Andrew Adam, marketing director for Arkady Craigmillar comments:
"Liquidity represents the emergence of a genuinely new technology offering bread bakers a 21st century integrated bakery solution to improving efficiency and the safety of the working environment.  The fact that we reached the finals of the AIM Awards is a significant achievement and a positive industry endorsement."