European dairy giant Arla Foods has "repositioned" its range of organic milk in the UK and decided to emphasise a "free-range" claim.

Pointing to a study from Razor Qualitative Research, Arla said "many UK consumers don't yet realise all the benefits that organic milk can offer, particularly the fact that it comes from free range cows".

The co-op said cows used for what is now called now organic free range milk are outdoors for on average 200 days per year, citing a study of its farms in May and research for UK milk supplier OMSCo two years ago.

Tomas Pietrangeli, managing director of Arla's UK arm, said: "We believe there is significant headroom to grow the organic milk category and make organic milk more accessible to our consumers.Our new advertising campaign, emphasising the free-range claim, will help people to further understand the benefits of organic, encouraging them to trade up from standard fresh milk to organic".