The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint that an advertisement for Kellogg's Frosties cereal misleadingly implied the product was healthy.

The cinema commercial showed young boys dribbling a football through the streets of Rio. In the next scene the cartoon character Tony the Tiger appeared, carrying a packet of Frosties cereal, and said "Not bad ... but we can do better than that". The boys continued to practise their football skills with Tony the Tiger coaching them. A voiceover said: "Train hard, eat right and earn your stripes". The commercial finished with a scene showing a bowl of cereal and a packet of Frosties on a table.

The complainant objected that the claim "eat right", in a commercial that depicted children playing football, misleadingly implied the product was healthy.

Kellogg said the rationale for the claim "Train hard, eat right and earn your stripes" was that everyone could improve their sporting abilities through practising hard and eating a healthy, balanced diet; it believes Frosties has a role to play within a balanced diet and is not unhealthy.

The ASA said it noted that Kellogg encouraged children to participate in sports and were going to include information on balanced diets on packets of Frosties and in their advertising. It also noted the company believed Frosties had a role to play within a balanced diet. However, the ASA said that the commercial did not refer to the role Frosties played in a balanced diet and that viewers were likely to infer from the commercial that the claim "eat right" referred to Frosties.

The ASA agreed that the "eat right" claim implied the product was healthy. Because it considered that Frosties had a high sugar content, the ASA concluded that the implication was misleading. It told the advertisers not to repeat the claim "eat right" in future advertisements for Frosties.