Wal-Mart's Asda supermarket chain is extending it's "Yorkshire's Best' range, to coincide with Yorkshire day on 1 August.

When the new range launches in store next week, ASDA will boast over 100 Yorkshire lines in its 24 stores across the region. In addition the retailer will work with four new local suppliers to bring a truly local range to stores across Yorkshire.

ASDA already boasts an existing supply base of over 50 Yorkshire companies, including, Harrogate water, Seabrooks, Longley Farm, Manorborn sausage and Black Sheep brewery.

The retailer has also forged great links with local growers, it says. ASDA sources 55% of its cucumbers, 100% of its cress and 95% of its round lettuce from Yorkshire. During June and July, ASDA now sources 100% of its podding peas from Yorkshire.

Tomatoes help extend the list of locally sourced produce, with 30% of tomatoes sold across all ASDA stores coming from the Yorkshire region, and the remaining 70% from UK growers; unlike Bradford based company, Morrisons, whose customers are forced to buy tomatoes sourced from Poland at the height of the British season, according to Asda.

 "This is a great way to celebrate Yorkshire Day and be proud of what Yorkshire has to offer," said Karen Todd, ASDA's local sourcing manager. "ASDA began life as a small Yorkshire company and has grown in success ever since, We now want to show other businesses in the area how much everyone can benefit from sourcing locally and satisfying customers' demand. We should all work together to support local growers and producers in the Yorkshire region."

ASDA continues to work in partnership with the Yorkshire Regional Food Group and Yorkshire Forward to search out new suppliers.

Potential local suppliers need fulfil only four criteria to be considered and there is no limit on company size:

The product must have a barcode, something ASDA will help with;
Technical and food safety standards must be met;
There must be evidence of consumer demand locally, and finally;
Suppliers must have a fax machine to receive orders.