Asda has attempted to undermine a major advertising campaign launched yesterday (17 September) depicting rival Tesco as "Britain's biggest discounter".

Tesco launched a major full-colour print campaign highlighting its low-price offering in a number of national newspapers, including The Sun, Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Daily Mail and Daily Express.

The UK's largest retailer booked all available colour ad slots in the first 20 pages of each title.

However, in a surprise counter-attack, Asda booked a spoiler campaign in the first full page colour ads available after Tesco's slots.

Asda's adverts claimed that the UK unit of Wal-Mart sells 3,457 products cheaper than Tesco.

Nevertheless, Tesco remained upbeat about the campaign.
"It is not unusual for competitors to advertise at the same time. It is pretty competitive out there and we can't be disappointed when this happens," a spokesperson for Tesco told just-food.

"We will leave it to consumers to judge but we are pleased with the campaign and feel positive about how it is being received."