Germany's ATLANTA Group, one of the leading fruit & vegetable operators in Europe, announces that they have chosen World Commerce Online (WCO) to be their technology platform provider for Fruit2Trade, ATLANTA's e-commerce company. Early this year ATLANTA announced its aim to become a major player in the e-commerce trade, which will grow rapidly in fruit & vegetables as well. was established as a highly specialized e-commerce company. "We have talked to several IT-companies since early January. Our business model requires the highest standards for IT technology, creativity and reliability. We are delighted about the technical concepts that WCO presented," says Willem C. C. Kokkeel, CEO of Fruit2Trade. "We believe that within the coming four years around 15% of the fruit & vegetable trade will be done through e-commerce. Fruit2Trade will provide a platform where all traders can meet and buy and sell their products and services. Different from many other platforms Fruit2Trade will take title of the product. Being an expert in the market and being able to use the available services of ATLANTA is the main unique selling proposition. Features such as logistical services as well as finance services will be offered as well." will combine four basic modules in one user-friendly site: information-, trade-, communication- and service supply modules. We believe that various e-commerce platforms will be started, but that only few will finally make it. It is our intention to become the leading platform in our business! Fruit2Trade will start online testing with selected operators in November 2000. The rollout is planned for January 2001. Keith Money, CMO and Executive Vice President of World Commerce Online, said, "World Commerce Online is honored to be selected as the ATLANTA Group's e-commerce solution. Our domain expertise will help ensure the technology solution will fit the way in which ATLANTA Group is conducting business."