Swedish retailer Axfood has launched an own-brand range of affordable everyday organic foods, called Garant Ekologiska.

"There is strong demand for organic everyday products," said Åsa Domeij, head of environmental affairs at Axfood. "We want to help customers incorporate a larger share of organic food into their diet. Moreover, the launch of an organic brand is part of Axfood's work on raising the level of its environmental work."

Axfood said that the launch of the Garant Ekologiska label will provide it with greater control over product and price development.

The move also comes in response to a growing consumer concern over traceability and packaging has been specially designed to communicate this, a spokesperson for the company told just-food. 

"Customers want to know more than that the product is organically produced," said Elisabet Green-Karlsson, head of private label design. "They also want to know where the food comes from and who makes it. In many cases we use small companies that produce their own products with consideration, care and tradition."

Garant Ekologiska will be available at Axfood's Hemköp, Willys, Willys hemma and PrisXtra chains as well as proprietor-run stores that are operated in collaboration with Axfood, a spokesperson said.