BakeMark UK, part of Dutch ingredient company CSM, has launched a non-hydrogenated alternative to Marvello, the market-leading cake margarine.

Non-Hydro Marvello, from the Craigmillar Premium Plus bakery fats range, is made solely with non-hydrogenated blends of vegetable oil and will allow bakers to serve a healthier choice of cakes to its customers, it said. Non-Hydro Marvello, like its hydrogenated counterpart, offers a unique, smooth, butter-like flavour and colour - but with a healthier profile.

"The health benefits of consuming non-hydrogenated fats in preference to traditionally hydrogenated products are becoming more recognised," said Kerrie Medlicott, BakeMark UK's head of marketing. "We take health concerns very seriously and have developed Non-Hydro Marvello with this is mind.  Marvello is an established, highly versatile brand - the Rolls Royce of margarines you could say - which has been around for over 70 years. Our aim was to develop a non-hydro version which still maintained the key benefits for which it is renowned - a healthier alternative without compromising on taste."

"We anticipate a high take up particularly from larger cake manufacturers, looking to present not only healthier content in their product but also a clearer labelling statement," she said.

By encouraging aeration, Marvello enhances cake volume, structure and mouthfeel, therefore improving overall eating qualities, BakeMark said. It is ideal for celebration cake recipes, Christmas cakes, stollen and can be used in sweet, savoury and cold short pastes.

The product follows BakeMark UK's recent announcement that it is phasing out hydrogenated fats from its entire manufactured product range by the end of 2005.  Initiated with the introduction of low trans fats within the Craigmillar range, including Castle Non Hydro and Apollo Non Hydro, and the removal of hydrogenated fat from Flakit, Skyhigh, Crispuff and Perlova, a range of tasty products are set to benefit from better-for-you low trans fat levels.