BakeMark has launched Spicy Naans, a snack product that the company hopes will capitalize on the on-the-go and ethnic snack trends. With this move, BakeMark will be well placed to gain a share of the UK's $15bn plus snack market. Furthermore, it underscores the need for new food offerings to be aligned with at least one current megatrend, especially in congested markets.     

BakeMark UK's new Indian-influenced hand-held snack offering will be marketed as a convenient option for people on the move. To facilitate such consumption, the product is presented in a sleeve that doubles as a device to hold the snack. 

The filled Spicy Naans, available in two varieties, have been launched into the company's Bon Vivant snacks range to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for ethnic, and more specifically Indian, snacks.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of ethnic or spicy products is the importance of the sensory megatrend in the snacking arena. Consumers are increasingly demanding that snacks become more 'charged', expecting products to be more indulgent, fun, entertaining, sensual, adventurous and exotic, and thus giving rise to the concept of 'experiential' products.

This sensation-seeking sub-trend means that consumers now proactively search for new experiences such as the bolder flavoUrs associated with ethnic variants. Datamonitor attitudinal and behavioUr research has shown that 44% of European and US consumers sought more excitement and sensation in their lives in 2003-04, and 85% feel it is important to be open-minded about trying new products or experiences.

According to BakeMark, in development trials with potential customers, the new pastry-based naan snacks were extremely well-received, scoring particularly highly on their ratio of filling to pastry and taste. These results are significant as providing multiple benefits will generate the best growth potential for snack manufacturers in the future.

Increasingly, it will become necessary for a product to be founded on at least one, and ideally several, of the megatrends shaping consumer behaviour. This will become more apparent as consumers' expectations inflate, driven by higher incomes and greater choice.

In basing its offering around the convenience and sensory megatrends, BakeMark has given itself a good chance of establishing the product successfully in the UK market.

UK: BakeMark UK launches Spicy Naan snacks

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