The VITASHURE™ product group of Balchem Encapsulates, a business segment of Balchem Corporation, today announced the newest additions to the VITASHURE nutrient-fortified product pipeline. New products include folic acid in a flavored Scoop and Bake muffin, vitamin C and ferrous sulfate delivered in chewing gum, and VITASHURE minerals and ingredient fortifiers in nutrient bars. All products will be showcased and available for sampling at the Balchem booth at the IFT 2000 Food Expo in Dallas, Texas throughout the week.

VITASHURE, Balchem's line of vitamins, nutraceuticals and botanicals represents Balchem's latest entry into nutrient fortification. VITASHURE delivers better-tasting products with increased nutrient content developed through Balchem's patented encapsulation technology.

"Balchem jumped into the nutrient-enhancement arena and we has been able to capitalize on our vast resources and proven technology to create a solution that transcends the industry to provide great-tasting nutrient-fortified products," says Winston Samuels, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Balchem Encapsulates. "Often consumers are forced to eat foods exclusively for their nutrient content and forsake taste. With our VITASHURE-fortified technology, consumers can now enjoy the taste of nutrient-enriched foods."

One Application - Many Uses

Balchem's revolutionary food ingredients and its VITASHURE fortified nutrients will have a significant impact on the food industry because they will enable manufacturers to use food fortification in a vast array of food applications to mask the taste of nutrients. This is groundbreaking technology and it creates endless opportunities for manufacturers to crossover into new food markets.

"Balchem is known for taste-masking and stability, and the addition of VITASHURE nutrient technology is making it possible for us to use our expertise to advance the food industry," says Vernetta Dally, manager of applications, Balchem Encapsulates. "Chewing gum fortified with our vitamin C and ferrous sulfate is just one example. Balchem food technology is committed to our vision for the future as we venture into uncharted waters. This is just the beginning of many new industry innovations for us."

You Are What You Eat

Manufacturers today are faced with an ingredient dilemma. Nutrients are extremely interactive and when mixed with other minerals and ingredients, their nutrient value is often destroyed. A prolonged shelf life also results in a dramatic decrease in nutrient levels and results in a poor-tasting product with little or no nutrient value. This posed a great concern to the food industry as manufacturers often increased the nutrients in their ingredients to compensate for unstable nutrients. The results require a larger manufacturer investment, but still did not ensure that the final product was nutrient fortified and great tasting.

VITASHURE now makes it possible for manufacturers to use the correct nutrient formulation to ensure that the vitamins and minerals that are listed on a product's label are consistent with the perceived nutrient values when purchased by the consumer.

"Overdosing vitamins can be quite costly to manufacturers and it still doesn't guarantee that consumers are getting the nutrients and vitamins that they think they are buying," says Samuels. "Manufacturers that put their trust in Balchem VITASHURE can be assured that they will offer a flavorful nutrient-fortified product that satisfies the needs of the health-conscious consumer."

About Balchem

Balchem Encapsulates ( has been developing, strengthening and continually enhancing its world class encapsulated products for 30 years. Balchem provides high-performance encapsulated products globally to the food, animal nutrition and health, pet food and plastics market.

In this rapidly changing world of technological advances, Balchem has applied its knowledge to an expansive, diversified line of encapsulated food ingredients, which are used in a variety of applications such as nutritional fortification, dough leavening and conditioning, flavor enhancement, preservation and meat processing.

Balchem Encapsulates keeps abreast of all advances in safety and regulations in order to satisfy a broad base of customers. The company's high-quality product line and responsive customer service have established Balchem as a leader in the field. This ongoing commitment to maintaining standards of excellence will continue to be the foundation of Balchem's operating philosophy.