In an innovative move to improve food hygiene and safety, the governor of Bangkok has launched a scheme to offer street vendors cheap access to mobile dishwashers.

The dishwasher resembles a food cart and is fitted out with two gas-fired boiling bowls. Metal baskets suspended in the bowls can carry up to 50 plates and other crockery and cutlery. It takes just ten seconds to clean one load of dishes, reports the Straits Times.

Street vendors wishing to use the dishwashers, which will be placed at regular intervals along streets popular with food vendors, will pay Bt1 (US$0.2) per ten plates washed. Initially 100 dishwashers will be distributed, but the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) hopes the idea will catch on. Since there is no patent on the machine, anyone can request the design, and the BMA hopes to see the machines replicated nationwide.

With Thai food very popular with visiting tourists, the city is keen to improve the safety and reputation of street food. In future, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) will give warranty signs to restaurants which use our hot water dishwashing service.'