Baroness Hayman today attended a meeting between senior MAFF officials and representatives of all industries affected by the CSF outbreak. The Minister of State had been invited to the meeting at Harleston, Norfolk, which provided a further opportunity to discuss face-to-face with those affected the practical welfare and financial problems being experienced in infected areas. Speaking after the meeting Baroness Hayman said: "Classical swine fever is a highly contagious pig disease which can have a devastating impact on businesses and families, whether through the disease itself or consequential movement restrictions. "I have come to East Anglia again today to listen directly to those affected by this outbreak. A variety of issues were raised which will be considered both at the control centre in Bury St Edmunds and in London. Controlling this disease remains of paramount importance to farmers and the wider industry. It is our first priority. "We have been aware for some time of the potential welfare problems on farms as a result of disease control measures. This is why the Agriculture Minister Nick Brown announced on 29 August the Pig Welfare Disposal Scheme. On no previous occasion in the UK has financial assistance been provided for the consequences of an outbreak of a notifiable disease in this way. "It is not yet clear how long this outbreak will last. Throughout this situation we have worked very closely with the industry. This co-operation has been vital in controlling this disease. We will continue to listen and act to deal with the problems caused by classical swine fever." To find out more about Swine Fever