which helps shoppers eat healthier, shop faster and save more money closed its first round of financing with investments by Grocery technology leaders Independent Delivery Services, Ivie & Associates, along with other angel funding.

This brings to $750,000 the seed and first round investments in BeeLineShopper.

BeeLineShopper is in beta test with grocery chains and wellness centers and has commitments to expand its unique service to additional grocery chains this summer.

"BeeLine earned my investment with a sound business model, a comprehensive offering, and the ease of use functionality not seen elsewhere. BeeLine Shoppers' management team and technical talent is impressive and has the background and skills necessary for full scale rollout and nationwide success," said Dr. Steve Kirschner, Retail Technology entrepreneur, founder of 7 companies including MarketWare Corporation.

"BeeLineShopper earned our investment by bringing together the ability to make the shopping experience faster and more exciting; while delivering unprecedented target messaging to every consumer, knowing precisely what they plan to buy today. BeeLine is one of the most exciting promotional tools we've seen in years," observed Warren Ivie, President, Ivie & Associates, Flower Mound, TX. Ivie & Associates performs marketing communications and advertising for major retailers nationwide including SAM'S Club, PETsMART, SuperValu and Homeland.

"We save about $10.00 a week, shave 30 minutes off our shopping time, and it's really easy to reduce our fat and sodium with BeeLine's recommendations. It's so easy, everyone should use It," said Alan Kasprzak, BeeLine Shopper, Dayton, OH. helps grocers and manufacturers increase sales and margins by enabling consumers to shop faster, eat healthier, lose weight and save money.

Consumers use a hand-held barcode scanner and a 'no-click' automatic interface to the Internet, food shoppers are driven to their grocer (on or off-line) to buy specific products and brands that meet their diets, lifestyle needs and save money.

Grocery stores, Internet retailers, and food manufacturers get unprecedented consumer targeting, knowing precisely what consumers plan to purchase, to build and retain customer loyalty.

For more information contact: Bill Jackson, 937-335-6765 x130