Varsity Group Inc. (NASDAQ: VSTY), a premier college marketing company, today announced the signing of a comprehensive marketing services agreement with Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Under this agreement, Varsity Group, the parent company of and College Impact, will develop and implement a customized marketing program to promote Ben & Jerry's on college campuses this fall through its Scoop Truck Tour. The tour, scheduled to visit over 40 college campuses nationwide, will feature the non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity. "Varsity Group's network of campus representatives is an effective way for Ben & Jerry's to reach the college market while expanding awareness of the issues that are of such importance to them," said Eric Kuhn, President and CEO of Varsity Group. Varsity Group will plan, organize, and execute all on-campus promotional events associated with Ben & Jerry's Scoop Truck Tour. Prior to the arrival on campus of the Scoop Trucks, Varsity Group will conduct a variety of marketing promotions, special events, and contests to promote the tie-in with Habitat for Humanity. This effort continues Ben & Jerry's longstanding commitment to serve the communities in which they have a presence. "Ben & Jerry's has long been a favorite late night snack of college students," said Peter Nolan, Promotions Manager for Ben & Jerry's. "Varsity Group's program allows us to bring our ice cream to tens of thousands of students while encouraging them to learn how to get involved with Habitat for Humanity on their campus." This agreement builds on marketing services agreements that Varsity Group recently reached with other companies, including AT&T Wireless (NYSE: AWE), Time Inc. (NYSE: TWX), and (NASDAQ: SPLS).