Bestfoods (NYSE: BFO) has introduced NutraBlend(TM), a line of four soy beverages created to respond to consumers' desire for healthful, yet great tasting foods. Containing essential vitamins and minerals, NutraBlend(TM) is the answer for on-the-go individuals and families seeking to boost their healthy lifestyles with convenience, without sacrificing great taste.

NutraBlend(TM) soy beverages are on trend with the rising interest in functional foods. Soy protein is one of the leading ingredients of functional foods. In fact, according to the FDA, diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol that include 25 grams of soy protein a day may reduce the risk of heart disease. NutraBlend(TM) soymilks provide 7 grams of soy protein per serving. In addition, some studies show that soy protein may also help prevent osteoporosis and minimize menopausal symptoms.

NutraBlend(TM) soymilks, in Original and Vanilla flavors, are lactose and cholesterol-free foods. They are delicious beverages served chilled or use them on cereals, and in shakes and smoothies. NutraBlend(TM) soy beverages, in Orange and Apple, offer a refreshing burst of creamy fruit flavor and each contain less than 1 gram of fat per serving. Perfect for any time of day, both the soymilk and soy beverage varieties are 100% vegetable-based.

"Our NutraBlend(TM) soy beverages were designed to be a quick and easy way for the whole family to eat healthier without sacrificing taste," said Peter Caldini, brand manager for NutraBlend(TM). "And our Original and Vanilla soymilks are a great way to help people to get the FDA recommended daily amount of soy protein."

Christian Somborn, VP New Business Development notes, "Bestfoods had been a longtime player in this product category in several countries around the world and we are now bringing it to the U.S. to meet rising consumer interest in soy foods."

Currently available on retail shelves on the Eastern Seaboard, NutraBlend(TM) soy beverages come in 32-ounce containers. The Orange and Apple varieties are also available in 8.4-ounce three-packs. Suggested retail price for the 32-ounce is $2.19, and the three-pack is $1.99.

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