Millions of Americans will soon be able to purchase and consume protein in the form of snack chips. The new protein chip line, named Chip's Chips(tm), offers the consumer 40 grams of protein and 4 carbohydrates per 2-ounce (57g) bag. The low carb - high protein chips are specifically aimed at garnering consumers in the diet, diabetic, sports nutrition, vegetarian, and protein supplement markets. This unique functional food platform is being brought to the national marketplace by Betafoods Corporation of Natick, Massachusetts.

The Chip's Chips(tm) Low Carb - High Protein line is the first of many nutritional snack chips being rolled-out by the venture capital financed Betafoods Corporation. The company's strategic positioning of its snack foods portfolio allows it to compete with traditional snack items (a $30 billion per year US market) complimented by sales in the niche diet, diabetic, vegetarian, sports nutrition, and protein supplement markets.

Betafoods, which was started as a functional foods company, has had the protein snack chip technology under large-scale development for almost two years. The proprietary technology, which is involves developments in both protein chemistry and process engineering, has been successfully scaled to large multi-ton production levels in order to meet the needs of the commercial marketplace.

The company's Founder/CEO/Technology Officer, Chip Marsland, a specialist in biopolymer functionalization, functional food technologies, and process engineering, developed the unique functional food technology. "I originally developed the technology for personal consumption purposes. My diet is heavily focused on protein, and for that reason, I had nothing to snack on. Due to this void, I set out to develop a true protein snack food that was not a bar, didn't contain sugar alcohols or artificial flavors, and could be used to accompany other food items such as dips, meats, and cheeses, " explained Marsland. "The chip kept the delivery form simple and allowed me the opportunity to work in the zero carbohydrate - low glycemic food category. It was after the chip was developed I recognized the market opportunity."

In addition to developing its technologies, Betafoods has also quietly developed a national Direct-Store-Distributor (DSD) network. This business strategy allows the company to have access to many thousands of established accounts throughout the US as well as minimize its in-house sales staff requirements. "The Betafoods' DSD network allows us to work with professionals who understand their regional market. The knowledge they possess is gained first hand and not easily cloned," commented Marsland.

Betafoods recognizes its ambitions and goals are high. "We are currently rolling-out Chips Chips(tm) Low Carb line, signing up national accounts, just beginning a new round of financing, and preparing our mass market Nacho Protein(tm) Chips line for launch late 2000. Some would view it as a full plate. We view it as entrepreneurial spirit. The upside is worth it." Marsland continues, "How many other firms in this business sector can say they built a branded technology? Not many."

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