BevTrade.Com, on the fast track to becoming the beverage industry's leading online ordering system, today announced the signing of an agreement with Innovative Computer Solutions, the leading POS integrator for retail liquor stores. BevTrade.Com and ICS have created a proprietary system allowing retailers to seamlessly integrate in-store cash register activity when they place an order with their wholesalers on BevTrade.Com.The unprecedented technology enables retailers who order through BevTrade.Com's online Business-to-Business system to open a window into their Control Plus in-store inventory reorder reports, automatically placing Internet orders based on the inventory management tools in the Control Plus system. Orders are directed to existing distributors, determined by the retailer, in whatever manner preferred by the distributor -- email, fax, or direct EDI to the distributor's system.Retailers with websites in the BevTrade Marketplace hosted by BevTrade.Com already incorporate this technology to post in-store price changes with a few simple keystrokes. New Jersey's Wine Library