Grupo Bimbo has launched Rustik Bakery in Spain

Grupo Bimbo has launched Rustik Bakery in Spain

Mexico's Grupo Bimbo has announced the launch of a sourdough-based bread range which uses "natural ingredients".

The Rustik Bakery range will launch across Spain. It is available in three variants, Sourdough; Sourdough and Cereals; and Sourdough and Olives. The range is  available in half-loaf formats.

Bimbo said the new range is made using a "traditional process based on the use of natural ingredients" including slow kneading and long fermentation.

"As a result, the bread acquires a spongy texture, great taste and appetising aroma. Moreover, this development helps to preserve the bread for longer," a statement announcing the launch read.

The three varieties in the Rustik Bakery range are priced at between EUR1.79 and EUR1.89.