Consumer groups in Panama, Mexico and Peru have attacked Mexican bakery Grupo Bimbo for using "deceitful" labels to promote its wheat sliced bread products.

Bimbo promotes the bread as "100% wheat" when it is made from enriched flour - not wheat flour - consumer lobbyists Uncurepa argued in a complaint filed with Panama's government.

Uncurepa added that such products must contain a minimum of 6% wheat flour, however, Bimbo does not specify how much, if any, wheat flour the products contain.

Binbo is facing similar complaints in Mexico and Peru.

"They are claiming that this bread has wheat flour when it has none at all," a spokesman for Mexican consumer group El Poder del Consumidor told just-food, adding that it is pursuing the same suit in Mexico.

Bimbo, which has reportedly paid related-claim fines in Chile and Peru, did not return phone calls or emails seeking comment.