Sanger marketed and sold A$650m of meat last year

Sanger marketed and sold A$650m of meat last year

Bindaree Beef, the Australian meat processor, has combined with one of its customers, local sales and marketing group Sanger.

The deal will create Bindaree Beef Group, with Sanger operating as a stand-alone subsidiary of the new company.

Sanger shareholder and CEO Graham Greenhalgh said: "During a period of recent consolidation within the meat industry, we saw the opportunity to partner with our major supplier, who supports our customers with about 55% of their combined orders."

Bindaree Beef, which has an abattoir at Inverell in north-west New South Wales, has a retail case-ready operation that supplies a major Australian retailer. It also supplies the Australian Meat Emporium, a wholesale butcher shop in Sydney.

In its last financial year, Sanger has marketed and sold A$650m (US$483.7m) of meat, supplying 350 customers around the world across all sectors of the food and hospitality industry. From 70 suppliers, the company sells branded beef grades such as Wagyu, Angus, marbled grain and grass-fed beef, as well as veal, lamb and chicken.

Sanger said it was its "goal to continue growing in partnership with our suppliers for the betterment of the meat industry".