California-based foodservice group Bon Appétit Management Company has announced that it has joined the Genetic Engineering Policy Alliance, a network of organisations and individuals promoting precautionary policies on genetically engineered food and agriculture.
Bon Appétit, which is an onsite restaurant company offering full foodservice management to corporations, universities and specialty venues, said it sees the unmediated proliferation of GE crops as "potentially devastating" to the environment and to non-GE farms, especially as little is known about the long-term effects of genetic engineering.

As part of the alliance, Bon Appétit has pledged its support to the principles outlined in the pressure group's Policy Platform. Members of the GE Policy Alliance believe it is essential and timely to enact California policy that protects farmers, consumers and the environment from certain risks inherent in GE agriculture. The Policy Platform serves as a resource to educate policymakers and the general public about the risks associated with genetic engineering in food crops.
"It is irresponsible to meddle with the food system without fully understanding the consequences to our planet and our health," said Maisie Greenawalt, director of communications and strategic initiatives for Bon Appétit. "As a socially-conscious food company, we see it as our duty to take a stand. Joining the GE Policy Alliance shows our concern for the Earth and for the local farmers with whom we work. We urge other large companies to follow our example."
The company said its sustainable sourcing initiatives include buying from local and organic producers, reducing antibiotic use on meat farms, and purchasing cage-free eggs.