Brach's Confections, Inc. announces that it has reached an agreement with the Kellogg Company to introduce Froot Loops(TM) fruit snacks. The new fruit snacks products will be in stores beginning April 2000. The Froot Loops fruit snacks will feature a mixture of individual ring shapes and Toucan Sam(TM) figures in each package. The fruit snacks come in six popular flavors: strawberry, fruit punch, grape, lemon, orange, and cherry. They are also fortified with vitamins A, C, and E. "Froot Loops is one of the top kids cereals. With the tremendous equity that Kellogg has built into the Froot Loops brand, we feel this is a can't-miss fruit snacks product," said Peter Goldman, Brach's marketing manager-fruit snacks. "We have already received a fantastic response from the retail community. The fruit snacks shapes themselves are very fun and actually offer play value," added Goldman. We saw in focus groups that kids put fruit pieces on every finger as rings." "Froot Loops is one of those special brands that moms trust and kids request," said Jeff Johansen, Kellogg director of marketing-wholesale snack division. "With Brach's' excellent record for creating quality products, we felt good about entrusting the Froot Loops brand in the hands of our new partner." Brach's and Kellogg will cross-promote each other in various ways, including tagged television spots, samples in millions of boxes of Kellogg's (R) Marshmallow Blasted Froot Loops (TM) cereal and promotion of the