Food brands should go beyond product placement and create content thats "more memorable and true", Facebook told FUTURES

Food brands should go beyond product placement and create content that's "more memorable and true", Facebook told FUTURES

Successful social-media marketing strategies will need to be more visual, video-orientated and more authentic, according to the latest report from just-food's FUTURES service.

The way social-media networks are being used is rapidly changing and new platforms are also emerging, meaning food companies must adapt the way they market their brands online, the report, Over the influence? The future of social media, argues.

Five "mega trends" are set to shape the social-media arena, the report said: personalisation; changing technology; authenticity; transparency and social responsibility; and democratic learning.

The report also suggests the role of the influencer, which has been under increasing scrutiny, is changing, with a backlash in certain quarters from consumers.

Meanwhile, social-media users are becoming more aware of the issues around data and privacy, the research suggests, although that vigilance may present opportunities for marketeers as well as challenges.

The report is the latest in just-food's series of future insights reports, designed to look at what will disrupt the food and drinks industries and offer insight into how businesses need to react now.

Visit the just-food FUTURES microsite to download the latest report – and the previous editions, which cover subjects including personalised nutrition, plastics and cannabis – for free.