Premier Foods has introduced a new line for its Branston brand by entering into the dips category.

The new range, designed to "reinvigorate" and grow the dips category, comprises four flavoured dips including roasted tomato and sweet chill, as well as mango and chili.

Branston Dips are available to grocery and independent outlets retailing at GBP1.29 (US$2.58).

Kelly Pym, marketing manager for Branston, said: "Branston's new dips range will shake up the market by providing the consumer with more choice - therefore generating new interest in the category. With the foodie flavours and thicker consistency, our offering is guaranteed to inject some oomph into a currently flagging market - not just benefitting Branston, but creating growth for the category as a whole."  

In addition to the move into a new market, the brand is also revamping its Brown Sauce and Tomato Ketchup packaging to reflect the "modernity and accessibility" of Branston.

The recipe for Branston Brown Sauce has also been reformulated to include "more bite".