Bravo! Foods Corp., a subsidiary of China Premium Food Corp. (OTCBB:CHPF), announced today that its recently debuted Looney Tunes(TM) 2% flavored milk has been chosen by Dairy Field Magazine for its "Winner's Circle" as one of the best new product rollouts in 2000. The "Winner's Circle" spotlights dairy products that best exemplify last year's outstanding products and development trends. These Looney Tunes(TM) brand flavored milks are produced under a co-operative arrangement among Bravo! Foods, Quality Chekd(TM) Dairies and its members.

"After literally decades of selling primarily white milk in gallon jugs, processors are setting out to improve milk's marketability through the use of new and innovative packaging, unique flavors and ambitious ad campaigns. Flavored milks, in particular, are helping to boost the thriving single-serve segment," said Dairy Field.

According to the article, "...the solution for drawing attention to its (Bravo! Foods) branded products came in the form of a wisecracking rabbit, a little yellow songbird and a growling Tasmanian devil." The article further states that "the recently unveiled Looney Tunes(TM) line of 2% milk products features a colorful cartoon character on each package and offers consumers such unique flavors as Banana, Orange Cream and Vanilla Shake, in addition to standards like Chocolate and Strawberry. Characters like the Looney Tunes(TM) gang appeal primarily to children, a particularly important group for the milk industry to attract early in order to keep them for life."

Mr. John J. McCormack, CEO of Bravo! Foods, commented, "We are quite pleased to have this endorsement of the innovativeness of our products. Dairy Field Magazine is a respected trade publication which services the dairy industry in the United States. We have always felt that the Looney Tunes(TM) brand was unique, but to have one of the top industry publications choose us as one of the best is quite rewarding and, we feel, a validation of our product development and our `national milk brand' business model."

Other 2000 product winners in Dairy Field Magazine's February issue include Philadelphia Single Size Cream Cheese, Breyers Ice Cream Parlor, Breyers All Natural Calcium Rich Ice Cream, Yoplait Expresse, Sargento Shredded Natural Cheese in Hefty Slide-Rite Bags, Sorrento Stuffsters and Precious Stuffsters, Fat Free Yogurt Fortified with Soy Protein, Old Home Foods 4% Milkfat Cottage Cheese, Stonyfield Farm All Natural Blends Yogurt, Dean's Dips for One, 2Twisted!, and NesQuik.

"Recognition from industry associates is the highest form of flattery and we are truly honored by Dairy Field's selection of Looney Tunes(TM) branded milk as one of the best new dairy products in 2000. Special mention and thanks to our outstanding partners, Quality Chekd(TM) and its 'bluechip' network of premier dairies and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, for helping to make this award possible," said Tony Guiliano, President and COO of Bravo! Foods.

China Premium's U.S.-based subsidiary, Bravo! Foods, Inc., continues to promote and distribute key branded products in the U.S. and to form strategic relationships with local U.S. producers and manufacturers. Bravo! Foods introduced Looney Tunes(TM) branded, flavored milk through an agreement with Quality Chekd(TM) and several of its member dairies. Looney Tunes(TM) branded, flavored milks currently are being sold in eleven states in the U.S. Bravo! expects the brand to be available nationally by the end of 2001.

China Premium also is marketing and selling Looney Tunes(TM) branded flavored milks in China. China Premium recently secured an expansion of its license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products to distribute Looney Tunes(TM) branded food products throughout mainland China. China Premium's established infrastructure in China includes its subsidiary, a trading company in the Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. China Premium also is importing to China private-labeled snack crackers manufactured by Lance, Inc. (NASDAQ:LNCE), which are branded with the Looney Tunes(TM) brand and characters.

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