Brazil has joined the International Dairy Federation (IDF), bringing IDF's global representation up to 54 countries and increasing IDF's presence in Latin America alongside Mexico.

With Brazil, the IDF will now account for about 85% of the total world's milk production.

Brazil's National Committee will be chaired by Dr Airdem Gonçalves de Assis (Pole of Excellence in Dairying) and comprises the Brazilian Council for Milk Quality (BCMQ) and the Pole of Excellence in Dairying.

"One of the main challenges for the Brazilian dairy sector is the respect of international quality standards in order to be able to be competitive. Benchmarking against other operators of the sector can contribute to further improvements and to the successful development of Brazilian positions.

"The IDF network will provide Brazil with a new international exposure, which will stimulate progress for the Brazilian dairy sector in today's very competitive environment. There will be more opportunities for Brazil, which will definitely have a role to play on the global scene," said Christian Robert, IDF director general.