UK cheese producer Bridgehead Foods has said it is targeting expansion in the US, where it hopes to be at the forefront of the cheese adult snacking category.

Bridgehead Foods, which produces cheese products under the Green & Parsons and Chunky Cheese brands, told just-food (22 October) it is attempting to create a new category - adult cheese snacking - which it hopes to take to the US.

The category has already met some success in the UK, where Bridgehead's products are available in major supermarkets including Sainsbury, Tesco and The Co-operative. Bridgehead partner Lorraine Beaton said the US now appears to be ready for adult snacking innovation.

"There is a lot of innovation in cheese snacking for children, but not for adults. We want to offer new flavours and new snacking occasions. What we offer in the UK we will have to adapt, in terms of size and taste, for new markets, but the key is to keep the innovation moving."

Speaking at the SIAL food industry exhibition in Paris, Beaton said the adult snacking category it developing at "a very steady growth rate".

"We know it works. We've had some interest from a Canadian distributor that also distributes in the US so we want to see what we can do. We have done some research on the US market and we see the same opportunities there as there are in the UK."