National Curry Day on 7th November is set to be a hot date in the diaries of the nation's curry lovers. The UK's largest curry blender, British Pepper & Spice (BP&S), has seen its sales of curry seasonings and powders grow by 10% as manufacturers prepare for an increase in demand.BP&S holds one major advantage over competitors with its unique position in the UK as a miller and blender of whole ingredients. With a dedicated curry plant including two mills and mixers, BP&S is able to produce more than fifteen tonnes of curry powder per day, which is supplied to manufacturers who serve some of the nation's 9 million curry home cooks and 7,500 Indian restaurants*.And because BP&S uses whole ingredients such as cardamom, cumin and coriander to make its curry blends, it retains the freshness and authenticity of traditional curry powders allowing it to match each customer's requirements when it comes to creating tailor-made solutions. "We are very aware that consumers have a growing appetite for the flavours of curry," said Ian Kelland, sales and marketing director of BP&S. "Much of this stems from the diversity of ethnic cultures offering restaurant and takeaway menus. In fact, one quarter of adults in the UK now regularly buy curry takeaways. For manufacturers interested in finding out how British Pepper & Spice can enhance their business, please contact