The British Potato Council (BPC) has already received support of the supermarkets for its new initiative to push the sale of British potatoes in stores. The BPC's adopt-a-store scheme will help ensure British potatoes get appropriate supermarket shelf space, are presented to best advantage and carry effective labelling so that consumers find it easier to buy British. A recent BPC consumer survey showed that 85% of shoppers would prefer to buy British potatoes and 56% said that stores did not provide enough information about their origin. The adopt-a-store scheme encourages growers, their partners or family members to have a hand in the way British potatoes are presented at their local store, says BPC. Scheme members will make regular visits and, working with store managers, help design the displays. Kathryn Trivett, BPC consumer PR manager, says visiting local stores will form strong relationships at a local level and build direct links with consumers."This scheme is about encouraging best practice by the retailers themselves. What really matters is that consumers buy British potatoes and supermarkets continue to devote space to them. She adds: "Some may feel this is doing supermarkets jobs for them, but if you're concerned about how British potatoes are presented or the lack of information given to consumers, then here's a practical way to do something constructive about it."* To get involved with the BPC's adopt-a-store scheme contact Kathryn Trivett, Tel, 01865 782276.