Burts says Lentil Waves contain 99 calories per bag

Burts says Lentil Waves contain 99 calories per bag

UK crisp maker Burts Chips has launched snacks made from lentils into Waitrose and is in talks with other retailers for further listings.

Burts has secured a three-month listing with Waitrose for Lentil Waves and is in discussions with some of the UK's four largest supermarket chains, the company has told just-food.

"Burts has an exclusive three-month deal with Waitrose to list Lentil Waves and is in conversations with other grocers, including those from the Big Four, for when this exclusivity ends in September but nothing has been confirmed as of yet," a spokesperson said.

Being made from lentils rather than potatoes, Lentil Waves absorb less oil than conventional crisps. 

"The lentils are turned into a dough and then flash cooked for a just a few seconds, whereas potatoes are cooked for eight to ten minutes, this means that they are healthier because they absorb significantly less oil within their short cooking time," the spokesperson said.

However, the spokesperson said developing a healthier snack was not Burts' main focus.

"Burts wanted to develop an tasty snack that consumers would enjoy and want to eat, Lentil Waves therefore offer the perfect combination between indulgence and health," she said.

The crisps are available in multipack bags, of six 20g bags, with an RRP of GBP1.99 (US$3.40), and come in three varieties.