UK confectionery firm Cadbury Trebor Bassett, part of confectionery and soft drinks giant Cadbury Schweppes, has issued a recall for its Bassett's Milky Babies because packs may contain pieces of plastic.

Small pieces of plastic were found in some packs. They are thought to be a result of a fault in the manufacturing process, which the company said has since been rectified. The possible presence of this plastic could cause the product to be a choking hazard. No other Bassett's products are known to be affected.

The UK's Food Standards Agency said Bassett's has undertaken a product recall of the affected item and product recall notices will appear in the national press. In addition, point-of-sale notices will be displayed in cash and carry outlets to notify the public of the recall. The notice advises consumers of the reason for the recall and the actions they should take if they have already purchased the affected product.