US poultry processor Cagle's has revealed plans to cut some 300 jobs from its Pine Mountain Valley poultry plant in Georgia.

The company said yesterday (20 June) that it will discontinue second shift operations as the number of head of poultry has declined over the past year.

When the plant was converted to a deboning operation in May 2010, it was processing 630,000 head a week. It now processes some 520,000 head.

It attributed the decline to a 34% increase in corn prices combined with a 10% decline in the boneless breast market against the same year.

In November, a 20% decline in volumes meant that the plant was operating two shifts, four days per week.

Cagle's said that, with the layoffs, it expects to operate one full shift five days per week, processing 320,000 head and improving the weekly take home pay of its remaining employees.