Deal comes two months after Cal-Maine and Hickmans signed JV

Deal comes two months after Cal-Maine and Hickman's signed JV

Southwest Specialty Eggs, the venture between US egg suppliers Cal-Maine Foods and Hickman's Egg Ranch, has acquired the Egg-Land's Best franchise for southern California and Las Vegas. 

The venture, set up in July, will hold the licence for the sale of eggs sold under the Egg-Land's Best and Land O'Lakes brands. It will also have the right to sell brands including 4Grain and Farmhouse Eggs.

The deal builds on the initial agreement secured by the venture two months ago, when it attained the Egg-Land's Best franchise for Arizona.

"As consumer demand for specialty eggs has continued to grow, we have focused our growth strategy on expanding our market reach for sales of specialty eggs," Cal-Maine chairman, president and CEO Dolph Baker said.

Cal-Maine already holds certain rights to the Egg-Land's Best brand and said sales of the eggs accounted for just over 14% of its shell egg sales in its 2013/14 fiscal year.