Cambrex Corporation, today announced that its Zeeland Chemicals, Inc. subsidiary and Safe Foods Corporation, Little Rock, AR, have concluded an agreement for the manufacture and supply of Cecure, a proprietary anti-bacterial formulation for food and food processing applications. Cecure is a food safety intervention, originally developed by researchers at the University of Arkansas, which has shown dramatic ability to eliminate bacteria such as Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, and Campylobacter.

Safe Foods Corporation owns the exclusive worldwide rights to the patents for the product. It is anticipated that the use of Cecure may prevent many of the 9,000 deaths and 76 million food-borne illnesses, which occur annually in the United States. "Cambrex is very excited about the partnership with Safe Foods. They are a company that is clearly focused on addressing this significant health issue. We look forward to growing together," said Bill Massa, Vice President and General Manager, Specialty and Fine Chemicals Group.

Zeeland Chemicals, located in Zeeland, MI, will exclusively manufacture Cecure™ for Safe Foods for use as an antimicrobial food processing aid, and as a decontamination aid for food processing equipment, food preparation surfaces and packaging for all sales in North, Central and South America, and Europe, pending regulatory approval. "We are delighted to have Zeeland as a partner in this endeavor," said Curtis Coleman, Safe Foods President and CEO. "They have an outstanding reputation and have the ability to not only produce the highest quality product, but to meet the anticipated demand for Cecure™." Cambrex Corporation has 17 manufacturing plants (8 cGMP facilities) located in the USA and Europe and will be able to support increased demand as the market for Cecure™ grows.

"The food processing industry's response to Cecure™ has been incredible," said Coleman. "We believe this product has the potential to help the industry achieve new levels of food safety," he continued. Food processors from around the world have expressed interest in using Cecure™ to combat bacterial contamination in the food supply.

He also stated that Safe Foods has performed the necessary market research, conducted pilot projects at food processing plants and secured international property protection for the use of Cecure™. Regarding regulatory approval for Cecure™, Mr. Coleman said, "I believe this process will move forward rather quickly because the active ingredient is already well known and has been widely and safely used by people in over-the-counter products for more than 50 years." It has been successfully demonstrated in commercial-scale trials that Cecure™ performs "as advertised"; eliminating bacterial contamination either completely or far below the standards required by regulatory agencies.

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