US soup maker Campbell Soup Co. has expanded its Chinese broth business, with the launch of its Swanson brand broth products in Shanghai.

The company launched its Swanson brand in China in October last year in the Guangdong province.

Announcing the expansion, Campbell highlighted the opportunities offered by the Shanghai market. There are 18m people in Shanghai, 72% of whom eat a bowl of soup a day, Campbell said.

The launch will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign, including television advertising, sampling activity and an education program.

Larry McWilliams, president of Campbell International, said: "Our Swanson broth range represents a new product category for the Shanghai market. Traditionally, when consumers wanted to save time preparing soup or noodle dishes they used dried bouillon mixes, which are often high in MSG. Our products provide a fresh alternative for people wanting to prepare healthy, traditional meals, quickly."

Campbell revealed that it has established a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Swire Pacific for the Shanghai launch and said that it has formed relationships with key Chinese retailers.