Campbell Soup Co. has relaunched its condensed soups in the UK, three years after the products were last on sale.

Seven varieties went on sale on Monday (1 August) and Campbell said it had received consumer feedback that the soups had been used as an ingredient in other meals.

"Before relaunching the products we talked to consumers who told us that our condensed soups were a key ingredient in everyday recipes such as bakes, curries and hot pots," Mike Hollis, director for developing markets at Campbell, said.

"We are developing a simple, searchable online recipe database that includes long-time family favourite dishes such as casseroles, hot pots and bakes, as well as more contemporary curries and pasta sauces."

The move was made in partnership with UK firm Symington's, which makes a range of Campbell's products under licence following a deal with Campbell in January.

Symington's marketing controller David Cherrie said: "The iconic red and white packaging coupled with contemporary on-pack recipe ideas will set the Campbell range apart from the competition. In addition, we have ensured that the products are free from artificial colours and flavours, which will appeal to families."