Campbell's reduced-sodium soup was the best-selling new food and beverage brand in the US in 2007, according to industry analysts IRI.

The brand topped the list with sales of US$101m last year, IRI said today (7 March) in its New Product Pacesetters report.

Bird's Eye steamfresh frozen vegetables was at number two in the list with sales of $87m.

General Mills' Fibre One chewy bars took fifth spot with sales of $64m, while Sara Lee Hearty and Delicious breads reached number eight with sales of $63m.

"These brands are case studies in how to surpass abysmally low new product success rates in the consumer packaged good marketplace, where less than 5% of new brands reach $50m in year one sales," said Anne Berlack, executive vice president, of IRI Business and Consumer Insights.

Berlack said functional food would be the category to watch in the US in 2008. "During the next year, demand will explode for functional food and beverages that deliver health benefits beyond basic nutrition," she said.

The best-selling new US beverage in 2007 was Vault, a soft drink owned by Coca-Cola Co., which hit sales of $70m, IRI said.

Heineken Premium Light was the best-selling new alcoholic beverage with sales of $63m, according to the report.