Dutch dairy products firm Campina has said it has passed the US$100m investment mark in the Russian market and has underlined its ambitions for growth there.

Campina said it is set to further strengthen its position in the Russian market; recent approval was given for expansion of the dairy drinks lines at Campina's production location in Stupino (Moscow region). Expansion of the assortment and the introduction of fresh dairy products should also ensure future above average growth figures for Campina in Russia.

"We have a clear ambition for Russia: growth," said Justin Sanders, CEO of Campina. "Since the opening of our Stupino plant in 2000 we have tripled our capacity in yoghurt. In January of this year we began with the local production of dairy drinks to meet the strongly growing demand for these products. Yoghurt drinks sell like hot cakes. Our people have to keep production running around the clock in order to meet the demand of the Russian consumers. It's likely therefore that we shall be further expanding our production capacity in the near future. In Stupino, but depending on developments in the market and at government level, in other regions too."