US meat processor Cargill has issued another recall amid fears of E. coli contamination, its second such move in a month.

The company has recalled over 1m lbs of ground beef that was produced at a facility in Pennsylvania and distributed throughout the US.

Cargill learned of the possibility of contamination after E. coli was found by the US health officials in a product produced on 8 October.

"No illnesses have been associated with this product," said John Keating, president, Cargill Regional Beef. "We are working closely with the US Department of Agriculture to remove the product from the marketplace."

The recall comes under a month after Cargill ordered a withdrawal of over 800,000 lbs of frozen ground beef patties from the market.

Last month, Topps Meat Co., the second-largest supplier of hamburgers in the US, was forced out of business after its own E. coli. scandal.