Groupe Casino, the French retailer, will replace Jean Duboc as head of Géant Casino in a bid to create a single management team to "broaden" relations between its hypermarket and supermarket divisions.

The head of Casino's supermarkets unit, André Lucas, will become COO of Casino hypermarkets and supermarkets, the company said today (17 November), without specifying when the changes would take place.

"This would enable the group to capitalize on the respective strengths of the hypermarket and supermarket businesses, and thus improve their marketing efficiency and raise the profile of the Casino brand-banner, while ensuring that the two networks retain their unique characteristics and competitive advantages," the company said.

The French retailer added that the creation of a single management committee will help the coordination of promotional campaigns, loyalty programmes and customer services, extension and development programmes, food product assortments and advertising and communication.

The group's non-food purchasing and food purchasing departments would be combined under the leadership of Hervé Daudin, merchandise and supply chain director.

Duboc, appointed in 2007 for three years, will remain an advisor to Casino chairman and chief executive Jean-Charles Naouri.

"By streamlining decision-making processes, the new organisation is designed to improve coordination between banners with targeted customer strategies and pooled support functions, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the group's proprietary customer intelligence, purchasing and logistics systems," the company said.