The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has run a full-page advertisement in this week's US News & World Report, blaming lawyers for excessive food regulations.

The ads show a law firm offering to sue for various addictions in an attempt to demonstrate that such suits are little more than get-rich-quick schemes lawyers, the CCF said.

Center for Consumer Freedom senior research analyst J. Justin Wilson said: "Americans will be shocked to know how often trial lawyers are behind the push to regulate what they eat. Whether the debate is over fast food, soda advertisements, or fish, if you scratch the surface you'll find millions of dollars on the line for activist trial lawyers trying to cash in on bloated food fears."

The CCF said that its ad highlights the financial motivation behind many food and beverage lawsuits and exposes the trial lawyers pushing them.

Wilson added: "Trial lawyers will take on any cause, no matter how frivolous, if they think there's a buck to be made. Our ad reminds Americans that money is the driving force behind these ridiculous lawsuits."