Jack loves cheese, so much that he's put it on everything from fries to burgers. Now Jack has taken his fromage fetish to the next level -- mozzarella cheese sticks. Ooey, gooey and delicious, the new Jack in the Box®(NYSE:JBX) mozzarella cheese sticks, accompanied by a tangy marinara sauce, are the latest addition to the chain's varied finger-food menu, which includes egg rolls, chicken breast pieces and stuffed jalapenos. "Mozzarella cheese sticks are an extremely popular appetizer usually associated with casual sit-down restaurants," said Dave Allen, research and development project manager. "We think our guests will be pleasantly surprised to find them on our menu board. And we're confident that they'll find our cheese sticks to be as good as, if not better than, what they would find anywhere." The mozzarella cheese sticks, available at all Jack in the Box restaurants beginning Monday, Sept. 11, will cost $1.29 for three pieces and $1.99 for five pieces. Jack in the Box Inc. operates and franchises more than 1,600 quick-serve restaurants and has systemwide sales of nearly $2 billion. With headquarters in San Diego, the company has approximately 42,000 employees and operates in 15 states.