Chinese authorities issue  arecall on three batches of goat infant formula

Chinese authorities issue arecall on three batches of goat infant formula

China has recalled a number of batches of goat infant formula on concerns of excessive nitrate and insufficient selenium.

The China Food and Drug Administration said batches from three local manufacturers did not meet standards. The companies were asked to halt production and sales and recall products.

The companies involved are Shaanxi Commissioner Hill Dairy Co., West Anfei He Kuanshan Dairy Co., and St. Tangqin Long Dairy Limited, according to a statement from the authorities.

Chinese consumers have been sceptical about local milk products since the melamine scare of 2008. The country has become heavily reliant on foreign imports in sectors like infant formula.

"This recent food scare with powdered milk has opened fresh wounds and caused further lasting damage to the reputation of the food industry in China. Transparency is now important for every retailer or supplier: for brand protection, consumer confidence and ensuring food safety. Retailers and manufacturers need to be able to quickly identify all impacted products and act to remove any impact to customers, especially in cases such as these when confidence may have already been substantially damaged by previous events. Responsible retailing means being able to say with full confidence that swift action has been taken and ensure that the impact on consumers is minimised as much as possible," said Shaun Bossons, EVP of supply chain specialist, Trace One.